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Ranford Veterinary Hospital
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Wildlife and Strays

The Ranford Vet is actively involved in looking after the local wildlife and community pets. We regularly receive injured wildlife and stray pets found by kind samaritans.The wildlife are checked for traumatic injuries, given pain relief if required and transferred to a local wildlife care centre for ongoing care.

Stray pets with collars, tags and microchips are frequently reunited with their owners within a few days. Due to council regulations, all stray dogs without identification for immediate tracing to their owners must be transferred to the local pound facility for further withholding until collected by their owners or placed for adoption if unclaimed.

Unclaimed cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and approved pet birds are usually those with no tags, collars or microchips. We try our best to advertise them on our street side signboard, in the local papers and on social media, and are often withheld on the premise for 7 days from the date of surrender to give the owners a chance to locate them. If still unclaimed, these stray pets are available for adoption.

As with any new pet acquired, each adoption attracts a heavily discounted fee, depending on what the pet requires. This typically includes its first vaccination, microchipping and desexing if the pet is still entire. 

We rely heavily on people who know people who know people, etc., and social media to reach out to potential new owners. If you or you know someone who would love to give our strays a home, please give us a call on (08)9456-0222. If you don't know someone yet, then hop onto our Facebook page and share it far and wide!



Available For Adoption

Updated on 3rd August 2019


"Tabitha", 5-7 year old, female neutered, Domestic Medium Haired Cat


The Lewis Trust

The Lewis Trust was founded in commemoration of a young stray cat called "Lewis", who required multiple and staged surgeries over many months to fully recover from his severe injury, and the Trust has surpassed him to help other stray pets in need of veterinary attention since.

Of course, "Lewis" went on to find a good home and lived out the rest of his life in someone's home and heart.