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  • Michele
    Veterinary Nurse

    Michele is the only remaining original staff member from when Ranford Veterinary Hospital opened in 1996. She studied Biological and Environmental Sciences at Murdoch University after leaving high school, but enjoyed her part time job as a vet nurse so much that she decided to work full time as a vet nurse once she completed her science degree. Even after all these years at Ranford, Michele still really enjoys her job, not just because she loves animals, but because every day at work is different. With so many interesting and new cases the days are never the same. Michele has a special interest in working with cats and pocket pets (rabbits, guinea pigs) and has two quite new additions to her family at home. "Crystal Diamond" is a beautiful blue point Ragdoll and "Henry Jones" is a red point Ragdoll (both named by her young daughters!). Away from work Michele is a passionate member of the Dockers football club and enjoys bush walking, having picnics and camping with her family.


    Michele and Crystal Diamond
  • Teagan
    Veterinary Nurse

    Teagan qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2010 after studying at AVT, and prior to this had completed courses in animal and wildlife care. Teagan has a passion for wildlife and worked at Kanyana Wildlife Centre caring for sick and injured wildlife before realising that she wanted to take this type of work further. Since becoming a veterinary nurse, Tegan has thoroughly enjoyed being able to work with her colleagues to nurse animals back to health and  has developed a special interest in pocket pet medicine (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, mice). Teagan's very organised approach and hard work helps Ranford Vets to run smoothly and we are very lucky to have her working with us. After work finishes at Ranford, Teagan belongs to her two cheeky dwarf bunnies "Dodger" and "Pip", and "Chip" the mischievous and playful kitten. "Dodger" was a rescue bunny and is very cuddly, while "Pip" is a little more reserved and loves running around the house doing high jumps. Other than her animals Teagan enjoys photography, cooking and reading,


  • Vicki
    Veterinary Nurse

    Vicki has always had a passion and a love for animals, and once she started down the education pathway to becoming a Vet Nurse in 2011, she wondered why she had not done it sooner. She completed a Certificate 3 in Animal Care and Management in Queensland in 2011, then returned to Perth where she studied Veterinary Nursing through Bentley TAFE and graduated as a Vet Nurse in 2013. She then commenced working at Ranford Vets and has become a vital member of the team especially in her special interest areas of surgical nursing, pre and post operative patient care and care of the sick patients in hospital. Vicki has a natural bond with the patients and one of her strengths is the invaluable advice she gives to the vets about the patients' condition and response to treatments while being observed in hospital. Away from the practice Vicki enjoys baking, watching movies and, most importantly, looking after and playing with her pets. She has "Dre" a German Shepherd/Labrador cross rescue dog, and 2 lovely cats whom she rescued from Ranford Vets, "Tarnie" and "Dynamo". The 3 of them are great mates and all cuddle up together to sleep.

  • Jessica
    Veterinary Nurse

    Jessica started at Ranford Vets as a  work experience student in 2012, when she was studying a Certificate 2 in Animal Studies and then a Certificate 2 in Business. She has continued on at Ranford Vets since leaving school, while studying for a Certificate 4 in Vet Nursing at TAFE. At the end of 2015 she will graduate as a Veterinary Nurse. Jess loves animals and loves caring for them, and gets a real sense of satisfaction from seeing the joy on people's faces when their animal goes home healthy and happy. She is very interested in learning more about animal behaviour and hopes that as she learns more she will be better able to "read" animals, so she can help them to feel more comfortable during a visit to the vet. In her free time, Jess enjoys socialising and café hunting, as well as playing games of all types, PC, Console, card games etc... Her pets are a black and white cat called "Salem'", after her childhood love of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and "Chai" and extremely friendly little cat who may just bolt at any moment.

    Jess and Rabbit
  • Ebony
    Veterinary Nurse

    Ebony qualified in Animal studies in 2001, then became a qualified Vet Nurse in 2003. She started working at Ranford in 2000, and we have been lucky enough to have her with us since then. Ebony's special interests are emergency nursing and geriatric care and she loves working with animals, and can't imagine  doing anything else. Ebony's friendly, caring attitude towards our patients and their families is second to none and she is an absolute asset in the hospital. She has 2 dogs, '"Koopa" a 10 year old, beautiful labrador cross, "Chloe" a 7 year old, cheeky greyhound cross and a cat named "Reuben". Ebony is currently working part time so she take care of her little boy and loves to be home with him and the animals..

  • Rhiaan
    Veterinary Nurse

    Rhiaan is currently studying at Murdoch University and she has been working with us at Ranford Vets since 2015.

  • Cassey
    Vet Nurse

    I started studying part time Veterinary Nursing in 2016 with Open Colleges and completed my Certificate 4 in Vet Nursing early 2018. Ever since I was a child growing up on a property with many different species of animals, I have always wanted to work with animals. Initially I pursued hairdressing instead and constantly thought about working with animals. Then I decided I really did want to persue this type of work and took up vet nursing, finally following my life-long dream. I have a special interest in surgery and anaesthesia, and love the surgical component of veterinary nursing. I also enjoy monitoring the patient throughout a safe anaesthesia, while keeping them as comfortable as possible. I love to see the improvement of unwell patients and being able to watch their journey to recovery. I get satisfaction out of caring for our patients, meeting their welfare needs and making the environment as stress free as possible for them. Outside of work I love to travel. I Enjoy the simple things in life like cooking, eating, yoga and long walks and adventures with my 3 dogs. Archie is a 5 year old (cheeky) papillion, Lollie is a 4 year old cavalier x Tibetan spaniel and Hunter is a 6 year old very smart border collie.  

  • Rebekah
    Veterinary Nurse

    Rebekah is currently studying Veterinary Science at Murdoch University and works as a part time veterinary nurse. She has always loved animals and as a child watching Dr Harry on the TV knew that veterinary science would be the prefect field for her. She is not yet far enough into her studies to discover where her special interests lie, but she is presently fascinated by birds, animal communication and behaviour and neurology.  Rebekah owns a cat called "Pippa"  who is loving and affectionate for only short periods of time and will give you a quick nip once she has had enough, and "Milo" her little canine mate who goes everywhere with her and never misses an adventure. Rebekah's interests away from work definitely revolve around the outdoors where she loves mountains, beaches and wide open spaces to indulge her passions for walking, cycling and exploring. She is also a voracious reader of many different genres and seeks out travel and adventure.


  • Jess
    Veterinary Nurse

    Jess is currently in her third year of veterinary science at Murdoch University and will graduate in 2018 to be a fully qualified veterinarian. She wants to become a vet so she can have the skills to be able to improve the welfare and quality of life of domestic pets, livestock and wildlife. She believes that nothing should have to live with suffering, that animals should have a comfortable life worth living, and that veterinary medicine can help towards this. Jess is yet to find a specific special interest area but loves cats, cows and wildlife, so interests in small animal medicine, cattle medicine and veterinary care of wildlife are becoming a focus. Jess and her family have a real menagerie at home with "Tigger" the old cat who has been working through his nine lives, "Lily" the energetic young border collie who loves her toys, 6 sheep, and "Hush" the foster possum who is currently learning to be a possum! She loves to read, being with her pets and family, officiating at car racing events, camping and Doctor Who.

    Jess C
  • Jo

    Jo graduated as a Veterinary Nurse from Bentley TAFE in 2003 and has worked part time at Ranford Vets for many years. Jo loves working with animals and advocating for their welfare, and has made a big difference to the welfare of many stray animals during the 7 years that she worked for the RSPCA. Jo has a gorgeous rescue Rough Collie cross called "Suey" and a cat called "Abbey" who thinks she is Queen-of-the-World!  Jo has recently decided to continue her studies in the field of human nursing and we wish her all the best in her new field of interest. In her spare time Jo enjoys running and spending time with her animal family.

  • Cassidy
    Vet Nurse

    Cassidy has been a Veterinary Nurse (initially a trainee) since late 2014. She graduated from Open Colleges with a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in early 2016. She loves animals of all shapes and sizes but especially cats. She got a new kitten earlier this year, a black fluffy cat named Baloo who is the little brother to her 13 year old Pomeranian, Max. Looking to further her career in animal care she is current studying Zoology at the University of Western Australia and working at Ranford Veterinary Hospital. Her favourite part of her job is caring for animals making them comfortable and relaxed in hospital and when they get to go home all healthy.

  • Amber
    Vet Nurse
  • Kate
    Vet Nurse
  • Caitlin
    Vet Nurse


    Caitlin is currently studying Animal Science at Murdoch University with an interest in pursuing Veterinary Science. She loves the special bond that is formed between animals and their people and wants to become a Veterinarian to help strengthen these bonds. She owns two cheeky budgies, Basil and Freddo and often looks after Buddy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel when his family is on holiday. In her spare time, Caitlin is a diehard supporter of the Fremantle Dockers and loves all forms of sport. She also volunteers her time at her local wildlife shelter, rehabilitating sick and injured wildlife which she finds extremely rewarding.

  • Alexia
    Vet Nurse

    Alexia is veterinary science student at Murdoch University. She developed her love for animals from looking after her dog, chickens and ducks, spending time on her grandfather’s horse agistment property, helping out on her grandmother’s Boer goat farm and working in a cattery during year 12 at school. She thoroughly enjoys working with a large range of animal species. Alexia is currently separated from her adorable miniature poodle “Ella” who is in Melbourne with her family but otherwise would be following her whenever and wherever possible. In her spare time, Alexia loves to play sports, read, bake and do art.

  • Emma
    Veterinary Nurse

    Emma became a qualified Vet Nurse in 2005, and has worked at Ranford since 2006. Prior to this she worked in a boarding cattery/kennels and developed a passion for animal care. Emma is a real cat lover and has owned cats her whole life, which makes her a great asset to us especially in the area of cat handling and nursing. She is the proud owner of "Mistofellees" a gorgeous cuddly cat and a rescue weiro named 'Yuri'. Emma  has just re-joined us after being on maternity leave when she has been caring for her gorgeous little daughter, and it is great to have her back on the weekends and at other times when we need her.