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Ranford Veterinary Hospital
1 Wilfred Rd
Canning Vale
WA 6155

(08) 9456 0222

Do I need to make an appointment to see a Vet?


Our daily schedule is run by appointments, as such we appreciate bookings so we can ensure all our clients receive prompt service. We will always endeavour to book you an appointment in a timely manner. If your pet requires emergency assistance, please call ahead before coming down so we can ensure a Vet is free to see you when you arrive.


Does my pet need pet insurance?


We do reccommend pet insurance, because accidents can happen at any time and it is important to be prepared for unexpected costs. Unfortunately pets do not get Medicare rebates from the government, so life-saving treatments can add up.

As we are not licensed to give financial advice we cannot give specific recommendations on insurance products, so we suggest doing a 'google search' for pet insurance or drop by and pick up some brochures from our receptionists. Some human health insurance providers now also offer pet insurance to their existing clients.


Is it safe for my pet to have surgery?


Your pet's safety is our number one priority. For this reason we have implemented the best techniques in anaesthesia and ensure our Vets are experienced in many facets of surgery. We have a trained nurse dedicated to monitoring your pet throughout their proceedure.

We have identified that our patients recover from anaesthesia quicker with the use of IV fluids, so provide all patients with fluid therapy through their surgery. This is fixed in the price of our routine desexing surgeries.

If you are concerned about your pet having surgery, please express these concerns with one of our Vets.


Where do I take my pet for emergencies after hours?


The closest emergency centre to our clinic is the Murdoch Pet Emergency Centre (MPEC), located at Murdoch University, just off Murdoch Drive in Murdoch. Please call ahead if possible for advice and so staff can prepare for your arrival. The phone number for MPEC is 1300 652 494.

If you live south of us you could also consider the Western Australian Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Centre (WAVES) which is located at 640 Beeliar Dve in Success.  Telephone 9412 5700.